How to become bilingual

You have decided to learn a language and you want to know what options are available to you? At Lingolistic, we help you find the formula that best fits your needs!

To begin with, learning a language requires a minimum of motivation and commitment, whether you want to learn just by simple desire or because you need it to travel, for work, or for other reasons. The question is which method will be the most efficient and best tailored to your schedule and your abilities. In this article, we list out the different ways of learning a language, while evoking some advantages and drawbacks.

Learning by self-study

Self-study is not easy to undertake, but not impossible if taken properly. Before we begin, it will be necessary to organize and plan, by being careful not to skip steps. The main advantage with this method is that you learn at your own pace. If you have only 15 minutes per day, it will probably be the option that suits you best, and if learning alone seems complicated to you, many tools are put at your disposal for your convenience. In addition, you can focus your learning on what interests you- nobody knows better than you what you wish to learn. That said, you should not forget to properly learn the basics before getting into deeper learning and be strong- you have to find by yourself the answers to your questions!

Learn by taking courses

If self-study does not suit you, taking courses is a good alternative, but it requires time and in most cases, money. If you have these two assets, and you need guidance to learn properly, this method suits you, no doubt. The teacher is there to guide you in your learning, he analyses and takes into account what you find easy and your difficulties and makes you to progress. However, do not rely solely on the teacher, you definitely have to put in some efforts too and do not forget what you have learned at the end of the course.

Going abroad

Going abroad, preferably to an English speaking country, is obviously very effective in learning a language. If you have no personal obligations holding you back and you have the budget (although today it is possible to travel without spending a fortune), do not hesitate! Amongst your qualities you need to have the ability to adapt easily, which could be a great deal on arrival in a country of different culture and customs. Then, as for any other method, you will need to arm yourself with motivation, going to meet people and engage in activities that will help you practice the language. By being in contact with the language on a daily basis, you will see your level improving day by day.


Self-study is a popular way to become fluent online. We are going through all solutions available to learn a new language in a self-taught way.

Choose the right course

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Going abroad

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