Choosing the right courses

Today, taking courses is the most used method by the francophones to learn the language. In fact, when choosing an appropriate learning method, several factors tip the balance in this direction; let’s see what the reasons that may motivate this choice are.

The need for supervision

It is not given to everyone to learn a language in a self-taught way, or even go abroad to do so. Some prefer to have a teacher in front of them, be more supervised and follow-up “straight” learning. The teacher gives meaning to learning; he plans and structures courses so that each of his students could progress.

A motivation boost

Whatever your reason is to start learning a language, you will always need to arm yourself with motivation to achieve your goals, and taking courses can help you to maintain this motivation on a long term. In case of slowdown, do not be reluctant, talk about it with your teacher or your classmates, who undoubtedly, will put you on the right path!

Meet new people

We don’t think a lot about this, but the fact of taking classes indeed permits the meeting of new people. Whether it’s the teacher with whom you will be dealing or your new classmates, you will have at least one common stand point-your interest in the chosen language. In addition, learning alongside other people of the same level can be useful:

  • Some will ask questions that you have not been able to formulate
  • a form of ‘solidarity’ is created amongst students who will be delighted to help their neighbour
  • you will share discussions on various and diverse themes, off school context

Special and/or customized courses

If you need this language to travel, you can absolutely choose a general course where you will be taught the basics and where you will explore various themes. And if you need this language for your job, or for any other specific reason, it is possible to opt for more special courses, focused on the topic that interests you (economics, politics, marketing, culture, etc.). Alternatively, you can call on a tutor; the advantage here is that the classes will be tailored to your needs and your level.

Other ways to learn a language