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Tutormandarin is a website and mobile app specialized in teaching Mandarin online with professional Mandarin tutors. We will go through their on-boarding process to help you get a free trial lesson to start your journey in learning Chinese.

As a student, you will have your own personalized learning experience, including your own custom student resume, individual class notes, educational badges and also access to the daily What’s On articles, curated Youtube videos, and Flashcards.

Tutormandarin will be a good choice whether you are studying for work, for the HSK or just for your personal use.

How to get a free trial lesson

You can first go to the website or download the Android app, then it will take you through different steps to get your first free trial lesson.

Introduction slides

Once you have downloaded the app, it will show you an introduction of the service with 4 slides:

Tutormandarin introduction slide 1

Tutormandarin introduction slide 2

Tutormandarin introduction slide 3

Tutormandarin introduction slide 4

Sign up

You will then see a diagram that sums up the process to get a free trial lesson:

Diagram to get a free class

After selecting “START TRIAL NOW”, just fill the form with all your information:

Sign up form

And for the last step select the date and the time when you would like to get your trial lessons:
Calendar date selector

Calendar time selector

Finally, you will get a confirmation email and a teacher will contact you ASAP to confirm the class with you:

Sign up confirmation

That’s it, it’s pretty easy and straightforward to start learning Mandarin with Tutormandarin. Feel free to test it and let us know what was your experience in the comments below.


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