Tips to engage adult learners

Tips to engage adult learners

Learning a new language gets harder and harder as we grow up, that is why people need to find tips to find this process entertaining and useful. Today we are going to see some tips to engage adult learners and make this year 2016 a very productive one!

11 Tips to Engage and Inspire Adult Learners

eLearning Industry bring us eleven tips to make the process of learning a new language inspiring. Relevant interesting activities, considering the background and giving continuous feedback are some of the ideas to follow if you are adult and want to learn a new language.

The Secret to Learning a Foreign Language as an Adult

David Bailey describes his own experience to learn a new language as an adult. Very personal tips since the article itself is based on his own experience, which makes it even more useful and proven.

Am I too old to learn a new language?

“The brain’s neuroplasticity decreases with age, but this shouldn’t put off older learners – they do have some advantages.” This is the opening sentence on this article from The Guardian. This is a more technical article, which is also based on somebody’s own experience, proving that adult learners do have advantages when it comes to learn a new language.

What are the best ways to learn a language as an adult?

Gruff Davies give us the key tips to shorten the journey to fluency. Get ready to change your lifestyle if you really want to learn a new language properly, because it is not going to be easy nor fast. However, if you follow these steps you’ll definitely shorten the process.

Why adults are better learners than kids (So NO, you’re not too old)

In Fluent in three months they even consider that learning a new language gets easier as you grow up; why? Statements like “children are better learners” are not quite true and you’ll believe it’s true as soon as you read this encouraging article!

What do you think now? Are you ready and committed to learn a new language after these tips? We hope so! Do not hesitate to leave a comment!


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