Political vocabulary in Spanish

Political vocabulary in Spanish

After the Spanish general elections, what if we update our political vocabulary in Spanish and English?

Political parties

First of all, let’s see the different Spanish political parties and the related vocabulary:

English Spanish
Political party Partido político
Right wing, conservatives Derecha, conservadores
Left wing, progressives Izquierda, progresistas
PP (People’s Party) PP (Partido Popular)
PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español)
Ciudadanos (“Citizens,” right wing) Ciudadanos
Podemos (“We can,” left wing) Podemos


  • PP: Mariano Rajoy (current president).
  • PSOE: Pedro Sánchez.
  • Ciudadanos: Albert Rivera.
  • Podemos: Pablo Iglesias.

Political figures

We cannot forget about the political figures that we need to know both in Spain and in every single country.

English Spanish
Leader Líder
President Presidente
Vice president Vicepresidente
General Secretary Secretario General
Mayor, mayoress Alcalde, alcaldesa
City councillor Concejal
Minister Consejero, ministro
Treasurer Tesorero
MP, member of parliament Diputado
Spokesperson Portavoz
Senator Senador
Voter Votante

Spain’s Political System

The Spanish Political System is slightly different from the others. Let’s see some of the main buildings:

English Spanish
Congress of the Deputies Congreso de los Diputados
Senate Senado
Ministry Ministerios
General Council of the Judiciary Consejo General del Poder Judicial
Constitutional Court Tribunal Constitucional
Supreme Electoral Court Tribunal Supremo
Constitution Constitución

General Vocabulary

After a few more technical words, let’s see some general vocabulary now. Although, it may be more common, it might also be more important because we would definitely use it more frequently.

English Spanish
Absentee voting Voto por correo
Austerity measures Medidas de austeridad
Ballot Sondeo
Campaign Campaña
Contribution Contribución
Crisis Crisis
Debate Debate
Election Elección
Poll Votación
Scapegoat Cabeza de turco
Unemployment Desempleo

Now you should be ready to follow the news about the Spanish election on December the 20th. Did you find this useful? Do you think there is vocabulary left? Please, leave a comment!


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