More than 100 words added to the french dictionary

As every language, every year the french one becomes richer and new words or commonly used expressions are added to the dictionary. In this article, we will see how there are chosen and some examples of those who phased in the 2015 dictionary.

Adding new words to the dictionary is a long-term work*, each publisher (Le Petit Robert , Larousse …) has a selection committee composed of professional linguists, who are in charge of finding the new words throughout the year and then to vote their introduction at the end of it. Listening to the news, reading scientific or cultural magazines, spending time in public places, the committee members are constantly on the lookout* for new trends in terms of vocabulary.

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Here are some words that you will find in the dictionary of 2015:


This word has become quite popular worldwide, it is a photograph that one takes of oneself, typically with a smartphone or a webcam, and shared via social media.


Refers to either an elegant item of clothing or a bad one, anyways it has something to do with clothes.


This noun comes from the verb “dédiaboliser”, which popularity has grown during Marine Le Pen campaign in 2014. Literally it means stop demonising something.


This verb refers to a new tendency, the car sharing, created from the noun covoiturage.


This term refers to a way of driving, in which the driver tries to avoid the gaz emissions.


Comes from the adjective “glamour” (another anglicism), and has been turned into a verb by the presentator of a woman show, Cristina Cordula. It literally means to glamourize.

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via Flickr

Among young people we have:


Refers to a naïve person or a coward, someone completely ridiculous or even stupid.

prendre cher

When someone is having a hard time


This term comes from the english “tutorial”, and refers to the popular youtube videos in which you can learn to do any kind of things, such as cooking, building, hair dressing, etc.

Little help to improve your french vocabulary.
Set a goal: Open your dictionary at random and learn a new word every day!

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