How to become a polyglot with Language Boost

Language Boost

How about being able to speak six different languages without having the feeling of studying all the time?

Today, on Lingolistic, we are talking about our very special guest : « Language Boost ». Created by Jan van der Aa and Lucas Bighetti, « Language Boost » is a smart and bright website where these polyglots give to their audience special tips and tricks to learn faster a language.

Mixing their personal history and well-known methods, Jan and Lucas have developed a highly effective language learning program allowing everybody to speak a new language in a record time.

Through their Youtube channel and website, they give some genius advice on how to improve a language or just, if you start from scratch, learn a new language.

The promise ? 21 hours to speak a new language (!)

How ? The only way to know is to find out on their website

With a very friendly approach, Jan and Lucas show to their audience how easy it can be to learn a language if you have the correct tools. Most of all, they prove that even with a difficult first start, it is always possible to learn a language.

Jan explains it very simply « In high school, I was terrible at foreign languages. I thought that learning a foreign language was just not for me.  It wasn’t until 2009 when I did an exchange program in China that I found out that learning a language could actually be fun. I did research on how to learn quickly and I interviewed and studied the world’s most accomplished polyglots. I’ve learned most of the languages I speak at home, without travelling. Even when I learned Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil, I practised most of the time online! »

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