How to break the language barrier

How to break the language barrier

Breaking the language barrier

Timothy Doner is a 20 years old polyglot who speaks 23 languages which -for the most part- he taught himself. Go check out the conference he gave in New York last year, quite impressive and inspiring!

How can I break down the language barriers in a workplace

Working with someone who’s first language is not your own? Looking for a mean to enable them to perform at the best of their ability? The platform Monster, for job seekers and employers, gives you some advices on how to behave with your new recruit to maximize her/his potential.

Understanding cultures and people with Hofstede dimensions

Breaking down the language barrier by understanding one’s culture, it is possible! Geert Hofstede’s theory on Cultural Dimensions explains us the differences and similarities between cultures, and how to behave with someone that has a completely different background than ours. Very interesting article of Entrepreneurial Insights, explaining Hofstede theory.

Why age is no barrier to learning a new language

Do you feel too old to start learning a language? Well you mustn’t! And James from Babbel is right when he says that age is no barrier to language learning. That’s a barrier created by the learner himself and easily destructible.

Don’t let language be a barrier when you travel

Kae Lani Kennedy, passionate about travelling, gives us a few tips to stop considering language as a barrier when travelling abroad. I think we can trust her on this one!


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