How living abroad will change your life

How living abroad will change your life

5. The benefits of studying abroad

Agcareers is a job board that also has its own blog in which useful tips are provided to those looking for a job. In this particular article, they tackle the benefits of living abroad and the mistaken beliefs about it.

4. Living abroad makes you smarter

In this one, Steve, author in Nestpick, depicts the cultural advantages of living abroad, based on several studies that were conducted a few years ago. Do not hesitate to take a look at the studies as well, very interesting!

3. Here’s what no one tells you about living abroad

Here, Chelsea Fagan talks about what we do not really want to hear, but is somehow necessary for us to be aware of: the afterwards. She tells us how this period abroad will always be a part of our life and how it will affect the rest of it.

2. Five reasons why everyone should live abroad at least once

Rossi Thomson is a Bulgarian living in Vicenza, Italy. In the Telegraph, she talks about her experience as an expat and how living and working abroad forged her character.

1. How moving abroad has changed my life

Amy in as American girl in love with the whole world, she travelled to a lot of countries and doesn’t seem to get bored of it. In her article she tells us how moving and travelling abroad has changed her life and made her want to see every corner of the globe. And she will probably do it!


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