Happy New Year in various languages

Happy New Year in various languages

Have you decided to go celebrate New Year’s Eve abroad? Or with your friends from the other side of the world? If so, you might want to catch up on how to wish a happy new year to your foreign friends and learn some of their traditions on this special occasion.

Happy New Year in Spanish

¡Feliz año nuevo! Happy New Year!
¡Feliz y prospero año! Happy and successful year!
¡Feliz año! Happy year!

Customs and traditions in Spain

Spain is well known for its traditions, and one of them is to eat las doce uvas de la suerte (12 grapes for good luck) in tune with the twelve stokes to midnight on New Year’s Eve. If you succeed, you’ll have a wonderful year, full of success and luck. But careful, you wouldn’t want to spend la Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve) choking because the grape went down the wrong way!

Happy New Year in French

Bonne année! Happy year!
Bonne et heureuse année ! Good and happy year!
Tout mes voeux pour cette nouvelle année ! All my wishes for this new year!

Customs and traditions in France

In France, the tradition of kissing each other under the mistletoe for le Réveillon du Nouvel An (New Year’s Eve) is coming to an end, the kiss is still there but the mistletoe is getting forgotten. But don’t worry, if you stay long enough you’ll have the chance to taste the typical Galette des Rois (Kings’ cake), and if you’re very lucky, you might get la fève (the lucky charm) and be the king or queen of the day!

Happy New Year in German

Frohes Neues Jahr! Happy New Year!
Ein gutes neues Jahr! A good new year!
Alles Liebe und Gute Much love and all the best

Customs and traditions in Germany

Actually, there are not much national traditions on this day, each region has its own. But one common custom is to leave some New Year’s Eve food until after midnight, just to make sure you will have plenty for the coming year. So if you’re a food lover, try to control yourself on this one and enjoy the food during the rest of the year.

Happy New Year in Italian

Felice Anno Nuovo! Happy New Year !
Buon anno ! Good year!

Customs and traditions in Italy

If you go to Italy right after Natale (Christmas), you might be surprised by the abundance of red underwear in the shop windows. Why? Because of the Italian customs is to wear red underwear for New Year’s Eve, in order to bring luck for the year to come. You might as well want to bring some in your suitcase!

Happy New Year in Portuguese

Feliz Ano Novo! Happy New Year!
Bom ano novo! Good new year!

Customs and traditions in Portugal

The Portuguese tradition is similar to the Spanish one, except that you have to eat 12 raisins, and if you spend a Noite de São Silvestre (New Years Eve) in Portugal or Brasil, you’ll most certainly assist majestic fireworks!


Xīnnián kuàilè! New Year happiness!
Xīnnián hǎo New Year goodness
Guònián hǎo Pass the New Year well

Customs and traditions in China

Fireworks are also part of the Chinese tradition, not only to celebrate the Xīnnián (New Year), but also to drive the evil away and welcome the new year. A few days before the celebrations, people do a grand house cleaning, to get rid of the old and make space for the new. In 2016, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 8th, since the Chinese calendar is different from the Gregorian one and depends on the phases of the Moon.

Happy New Year in Japanese

Akemashite Omedetou! Happy New Year!
Yoi otoshi o! I wish you’ll have a good year!

Customs and traditions in Japan

In Japan, the first day of the year is believed to be quite a magical day, and a lot of people stay awake to see the first sunrise of the year and pray to the sun, to bring luck and health to their family. Japanese also visit temples or shrines on the first day of the year, they pray at the Shinto gods and leave flowers to their doors to welcome them in their home.

Happy New Year in Russian

S Novim Godom!
С Новым годом!
Happy New Year!
Schaslivovo Novogo goda ! Happy New Year!
Pozdravlyayu s Novim godom ! Congratulations for the New Year!

Customs and traditions in Russia

The most famous Russian tradition for New Year’s Eve is to decorate the Novogodnaya Yolka (New Year’s tree), similar to the Christmas tree. If you decide to spend Decembre 31 there, you will also have to write down a wish for the year to come, burn the piece of paper, mix the ashes with your champagne and drink it! That way it will stay with you… At least until the morning! But careful, if you want your wish to come true, you will have to do these 4 actions during the 12 strokes to midnight and finish them before the last stroke!

Happy New Year in Arabic

Sana Saeeda!
سنة سعيدة
Happy New year!
Sale no mobarak Happy New Year!

Customs and traditions

The Islamic calendar is different from the Gregorian, and as the Chinese one, depends on the Moon. In 2016, New Year will be celebrated on October 3rd. Regarding traditions, some people give their aumône (charity), but there is no specific custom on this date.

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