Fun ways to learn a new language

Fun ways to learn a new language

Learning a new language means working and studying hard, and most of the times we will think of it as an obligation rather than what it should be a pleasure. What if learning a new language was fun? Let’s see what bloggers around the globe think about!

12 Wicked Fun Ways to Learn Any Language

At FluentU, they don’t really think of studying as a good method to learn a language actually loving the process. What about playing language games or dating? Have you ever heard about Tinder? Yes, the dating app is also on the list, and what could be better than learning a new language with a foreign partner?

5 Fun Ways to Learn a Language

Natalie Jesionka goes over her own experience when she decided to learn Hindi. The Muse shows us 5 basic steps to learn a language having a good time. Speaking, travelling, watching films… Getting used to culture you want to acquire is essential!

10 Ways to Have Way More Fun Studying Foreign Languages

Pick the Brain‘s top 10 tips is specifically focused on enjoying learning a new language. What if we watch game shows or reality television shows in the language we want to learn? The most important thing is to learn the real language, not only the formal one.

No Excuses: 20 Simple & Fun Ways to Practice a Foreign Language

I can’t afford to buy study materials, between work and responsibilities at home, I just don’t have the time to study, I can’t find a partner for speaking practice… Stop! There is no excuse to learn a new language. Mango Languages give us 20 ways to make it easy and cool!

10 Most Fun Languages to Learn

Here we have a different article from Erin Walton at EF (Education First). Instead of ways to learn languages she provides us with fun languages to learn! From English, to Spanish, Japanese and more. Very cool ideas for you to choose the language you want to start learning.

Did you like it? Did you find it useful? But most important, do you think you will have a good time learning a new language? We hope so!


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