English speaking course in Hindi

English speaking course in Hindi

This week, Lingolistic released a wide range of courses to learn English from Hindi. As usual, when we open a new language on our platform, we provide hundreds of video lessons directly from Youtube and this week we have more than 300 videos in our English speaking course in Hindi.

English speaking course in Hindi

To help you in finding the right lessons and the videos you are interested in, we have sorted a lot of videos into different playlists from very famous Youtube channels like TED-Ed, Minute Physics, SmarterEveryDay and even your favorite Movie Trailers.

Learn English through Hindi

With Lingolistic, you can already learn English from 32 different languages and even from less popular languages like Croatian, Slovak or Malay. We aim at making English available for as many people as possible, this is why with more than 260 millions native speakers (according to Wikipedia), we naturally decided to integrate English speaking course in Hindi in our educational platform.

Learn English from Hindi


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