Going abroad to learn a language

When it comes to making a decision on how to learn a language, no method is better than another, but it is true that going abroad (preferably in an Anglo-Saxon country) is one of the most effective. Together, let’s see what the main advantages of going abroad are.

Full immersion

When you go abroad, the main advantage is that you end up being in contact with the language every day, which is a big plus when you learn a new language. You will have no choice but to speak the language so as to be understood, whether it is at the bakery, the supermarket, the local coffee shop or other businesses. Living abroad is learning a multitude of new words and expressions every day, which gradually, become automatic by listening and repeating them.

Being bathed in the culture

Living abroad means being immersed in a culture different from yours, with its codes and operating modes, which can sometimes be similar to yours or completely different. If you live in France and decide to go to the United Kingdom, the currency and the driving mode change, but it is still Europe, so no big change on the horizon (which can also facilitate integration). Now if you go to the United States or to Australia, you change continent, and at that point you may face a major change, which can be quite beneficial to opening your mind.

Meet the natives

Mandatory! Living abroad is not everything; it is also exciting and important to meet the natives in order to improve your language standards. If you are taking classes, you will be asked to meet the world and certainly, they will propose, you do language exchange with native speakers. If you have not enrolled in any lessons, you can choose the option to live with a family or with English speaking roommates, and in this case you would share their daily life, which would help you progress much more quickly. And if both options mentioned above do not suit you, you can also sign up for any kind of activity, cultural or sportive, according to your centres of interest. As such you will be in contact with the language, in a field that you enjoy… What happiness!

New learning method

Who says other country says other method of learning. Indeed, the teaching modes vary depending on the country where you are and its culture. Some tend to focus more on the written part; others prefer oral practice, and others do a mix of both.

Choosing your destination to learn a language

Moving abroad is not something that can be decided and done in a hurry, on the contrary, it is important to think about it and prepare it very well, overall if you’re about to leave for a long period of time. Have you already made your mind? You know you want to go abroad but still don’t have a clue where to go? Let’s set some criteria to keep in mind before choosing the destination that suits you best.

Different ways to go abroad

Today, there are more and more ways to go abroad in order to learn a language, you just need to find the one that suits you best. It is mandatory to determine your selection criteria before making a decision, but also before choosing a way to go. Among the various existing possibilities, we have chosen to tackle the ones that seem most relevant to language learning.

How long should I stay abroad?

Before planning a trip abroad lo learn a language, many wonder how long it will take to considerably improve their language skills. It seems obvious that the longer the stay will be the more the progress will be felt, but a trip, even if it is short, can also be very productive.

Other ways to learn a language