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Learn any language you want

Bilingualism is a phenomenon which is increasingly widespread in the world, due to the evolution of our society and the opening of borders. Being bilingual means being able to understand and speak two languages fluently, having this capability amongst other skills could be very advantageous from a social, cultural, professional and personal point of view. But concretely, of what use is it to become bilingual?

Increase your brain’s capacity

The learning of a new language is a big plus for the brain, it helps it to stimulate and develop new parts, while improving the capacities of other used parts, such as memory, concentration and cerebral agility. In fact, speaking a language enables you to work-out your memory and concentration, and goes as far as reducing the risk of Alzheimer! One who will be able to speak two or more languages will also have the ability to solve problems more easily. In short, if you decide to become bilingual, your brain can only be grateful to you.

Improve your social skills and the way you communicate

Speaking another language enables you to talk to more people, be it in your country or abroad. Being able to exchange words in two different languages develops your ability to listen and understand as well, which can be beneficial to you in your relationships on a daily basis and when you meet new people. Furthermore, by learning a new language, you will learn even more about your maternal language and you could go as far as enhancing your use of the latter.

Discover a new culture

Who says new language says new culture! If you have decided to learn Spanish, you can go to the discovery of the Spanish or south American culture. Of course, not being able to speak Spanish does not prevent you from informing yourself about any culture, but as Nelson Mandela said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it will go to his head. But if you talk to him in his own language, it will go to his heart.” You will then share much more things with people of a different culture by speaking in their language. To open one’s self to a new culture is opening his mind and improving its adapting ability. By learning and understanding the usage of a culture different from yours, you will be able to easily overcome changing situations and problems of everyday life.  

Improve your CV

Yeah! Nowadays, more than half of the professionals in the business world have at least two languages to their credit. Why is this so important? This is because over the past decades, international exchanges have multiplied and many companies have developed internationally. English is the first language concerned since it is considered as an official business language, but Spanish, Arab and Chinese are increasingly demanded, which are part of the most spoken languages in the world. If you want to be more competitive and increase your chances of finding work, do not hesitate, start learning a new language.

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